The Sweetness of a Simple Life

Diana Beresford-Kroeger
Vintage Canada

Diana Beresford-Kroeger is the author of The Global Forest–an international bestseller and a classic upon publication, beloved by readers around the world–gives us her tips and advice for achieving better health and peace of mind, with frugality, simplicity and pleasure not far behind.

In The Sweetness of a Simple Life, Diana Beresford-Kroeger mixes science with storytelling, wonderment, magic, myth and plenty of common sense. Orphaned at an early age, Diana was raised by elderly relatives in Ireland in the Druidic tradition, taught the overlap between the arts and sciences, and the triad of body, mind and spirit. After pursuing a PhD in medical biochemistry, Beresford-Kroeger set out on a quest to preserve the world’s forests. In this warm and wise collection of essays, she gives us a guide for living simply and well: which foods to eat and which to avoid; how to clean our homes and look after pets; how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from illness; and why we need to appreciate nature. She provides an easy dose of healing, practical wisdom, blending modern medicine with aboriginal traditions. This inspiring, accessible book emphasizes back to basics, with the touchstone not an exotic religion or meditation practice, but the natural world around us.


“Why we love it: from tips on sleeping better to getting the better lawn, there’s nothing this guru doesn’t touch on in her all-encompassing guide to life.” - Chatelaine

“Inspiring and enlightening … Her enthusiasm for and understanding of the natural world, and her poetic way of describing its glory and complexity, is satisfying.” - Macleans

“This is a unique book, in its approach unlike any other I know. Part of the magic of the book is its practical accessibility.” - Ursula Franklin, Professor Emerita and author of The Real World of Technology.

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