The Overstory

Richard Powers
WW Norton

“Now is the time for chestnuts.”

eco epic

This is a monumental epic about trees and people in a sweeping, impassioned, lyrical novel of activism and resistance for our natural world.

from the roots to the crown and back to the seeds

The Overstory, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, unfolds in concentric rings of interlocking fables that range from New York to the late twentieth century timber wars of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, exploring the essential conflict on this planet: the one taking place between humans and nonhumans.

if trees could speak, what would they tell us?

Listen. There’s something you need to hear.

If you read Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees or love anything Diana Beresford-Kroeger has written, please embrace this eco epic because unlike the Lorax, who spoke for the trees, Richard Powers prefers to let them do their own talking.

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