The 52 Lists Project

Moorea Seal
Sasquatch Books

I confess. I make lists. There are lists all over my house. I come by it honestly as that’s what I saw in the farmhouse where I grew up … my mother’s lists. Moorea Seal of The 52 List Project came to a realization after her many lists over the years that LISTS can be a TOOL FOR SELF DISCOVERY, EXPLORATION and plenty of fun too!

Within this journal are 52 lists for 52 weeks to guide you to look inside yourself … all you need is a curious spirit … begin wherever you are in the year and let it go! There’s even a group on social media using #52ListsProject who share their lists & or challenges of them … like List 2 “List your favorite characters from books, movies, etc.” It also has a TAKE ACTION note that helps you begin like “find a common personality trait between your favourite characters.”

Seasonally there’s one like “List all your favorite things about fall.” Or for spring … “List the difficult moments in your past that have shaped you for the better”

For those younger – List number 19 would be a good one to discuss … “List the people you most want to be like”

I gave this to a young list-maker for her birthday but I also considered that she was graduating from university … it’s a new chapter in her life and this could help in reflection and for exploration of her next steps forward.

THE 52 LISTS PROJECT JOURNAL is for writers of all ages as they graduate from any grade or stage.

created by robertson mcclure