That Time I Loved You

Carrianne Leung
Harper Collins

Laugh. Cry. Feel. Think.

behind the facade

The suburbs of the 1970s promised to be heaven on earth - new houses, new status, happiness guaranteed.

In a Scarborough subdivision, Carrianne Leung takes us from house to house in a series of compelling linked stories through the eyes of the children who live there.

“In That Time I Loved You, Carrianne Leung reveals a suburb on the cusp of change, families whose names are no longer Smith and Watson, but rather Chow and Da Silva. Leung illuminates with clear unassuming prose and much compassion, a neighbourhood that is complex, disturbing, funny, sad and very human.” says JUDY FONG BATES author of Midnight at the Dragon Café and The Year of Finding Memory

“That Time I Loved You is heady, necessary writing from one of the most talented and socially engaged authors of our time. Read this, and you’ll encounter within those quiet streets with buzzing streetlamps their true madness and rare beauty.” says DAVID CHARIANDY author of Soucouyant and Brother

“With compassion and masterful storytelling, Leung walks us past neat front yards and deep into kitchens, bedrooms and basements, to show us that life in the suburbs isn’t as tidy as it might seem. That Time I Loved You is about children losing innocence and adults burying pain, and yet is also a hopeful portrayal of friendship, kinship and community.” says FARZANA DOCTOR author of All Inclusive

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