Choose kindness

November 9, 2016

choose kind

I am writing this post on November 9th.

I am writing these words in a state of shock.

As I rode my bicycle to work along Lake Ontario I was thinking about why millions of Americans voted for Trump. I think it was the same reason Torontonians voted for Rob Ford. He spoke to their anger with the system and the only action they felt they could take was to vote for change.

I choose to take action that results in kindness.

the wonder of wonder

When I consider books that could help our children (maybe their parents too!) focus on being kind, I immediately think of Wonder by R. J. Palacio.

We all have choices and the message in this extraordinary novel is about choosing to be KINDER than necessary.

Here’s what the story is about: August was born with a facial difference but just wants to be treated like an ordinary kid. He’s 10 years old, funny, loves Star Wars and playing Xbox but kids can’t get past his face until they get to know this extraordinary boy with the “quiet strength.”

The author was inspired to write Wonder after an experience at a local ice cream parlour, very similar to the scene described in the chapter ‘Carvel’, where Jack sees Auggie for the first time. I think that’s why this story rings so true for us the reader. We all know or have seen someone who looks different.

What have you done in that situation? Cast down your eyes? Walked a little further to away. Ignore? Or did you reach out a hand and say … Hello. Welcome. Can I help you?

it made my heart cry

A bookseller in Cobourg, Ontario wrote on Facebook: “The best comment I had about Wonder was when I sold it to a family over Thanksgiving. The daughter came back a few weekends later to tell me she loved it, but “it made my heart cry.” Don’t we all love books that make us feel that way??” I love that reaction because it makes MY heart sing! That’s why I read because I want an emotional journey, I want to be affected by a story - by the characters.

The wonder of WONDER is that a 10 year old boy can move us to tears and make us think about choosing to be kind to others.

wonder Picture

To take your mind off Election Results here’s our conversation on Global TV The Morning Show from September 2015.

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