Cheryl Strayed

“I am not afraid” is the quote that carried Cheryl Strayed through a 1,100 mile (1,770 km) hike on the Pacific Crest Trail when she was twenty-six years old. She’s always thought of quotes as mini-instruction manuals for the soul. I love that! It’s quality rather than quantity right? She says, “Quotes, at their core, almost always shout YES!”

It’s 2016. If this isn’t The Year to try something WILD then when is the right time?! Take a look at The Morning Show conversation here.

I took a copy of WILD with me on my annual “Wild Women in the Woods” trip to Killarney in 2012. I remember reading the first pages inside our tent after a long day of canoeing & hiking in this incredible wilderness. I couldn’t believe what I was reading … my trip with 5 other women was luxury compared to Strayed’s journey alone on the PCT. Her story is written with suspense, style, humour and honesty. I don’t have that copy anymore because I had to give it away so my girlfriends could start reading it - I wanted to talk about it! I personally enjoy getting lost when I travel as I usually find so much.

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