Rebecca Scherm

I love the first and last lines of a novel and this one takes the cake!

The first line: “The first lie Grace had told Hanna was her name.” The FIRST lie! The end of the first paragraph: “The best lies were the simplest and made the most sense, in the mind and in the mouth. These lies were the easiest to swallow.”

The last line: “She knew about love. She knew all the angles.” She’s thinking this as she is working on a three-carat square-cut diamond!

Unbecoming is a debut novel from Rebecca Scherm who credits her grandmother who watched the Antiques Roadshow with bated breath and ‘made her this way’.

She also acknowledged that she was inspired by several real heists that were in the news along with being indebted to the legend of Russian jewel theif Sonya Golden Hand. This all intrigues me after the fact. I’d love to have a cuppa coffee or martini with Rebecca and ask her questions … my first question would be … when did you come up with the title?

Unbecoming means not flattering. In terms of a person’s attitude or behavior, it means not fitting or appropriate; unseemly. All which pertains to Grace.

Unbecoming could also be a change in persona. Becoming someone else which Grace does throughout the novel to suit her purposes.

I started reading this novel because of Kate Atkinson. A novelist I adore! Have you read Case Histories or Life after Life ? She is the ultimate writer thus when I saw her quote on the front cover “A sheer delight to read … I had no idea what was going to happen from one page to the next.” I had to read this!

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I would not deceive you.

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