Subdivided: City Building In An Age Of Hyper-Diversity

John Lorine & Jay Pitter
Coach House

Through compelling storytelling and analysis, SUBDIVIDED’s contributors – a wide range of place-makers, academics, activists and journalists – ask how we can expand city-building processes to tackle issues ranging from transit equity and trust-based policing to holistic mental health, dignified affordable housing and inclusive municipal governance.

SUBDIVIDED aims to provoke the tough but pressing conversations required to build a truly connected and just city.

Contributors: Jay Pitter, Beyhan Farhadi, Doug Saunders, Rebeka Tabobondung, Sarah Beamish, Sofia Ijaz, Fatima Syed, Denise DaCosta, Karen Pitter, Asmaa Malik, Nicholas Davis, Nana Yanful, Idil Burale, Ian Kamau, Paul Nguyen, Ryan Paterson, Taha Muharuma, Sandra Costain, Andrea Gunraj, Mariana Valverde, Eric Mann, Alina Chatterjee, John Lorinc, Noreen Ahmed-Ullah, Shawn Micallef and J. David Hulchanski

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