Maps Activity Book

Aleksandra Mizielinska

Kids will be entertained by this coloring and activity book that lets them get creative about geography and world cultures. This oversized coloring book has tear-out pages about the size of a place mat. Hey! what a great use - take a few pages along to a restaurant and you’re covered, literally.

What’s in it? Animals from around the world, identify the continents on a world map, design their own kimono, or create intricate patterns on Mexican sugar skulls. It’s a great mix of geography and culture in one book.

There’s a lot of space to be creative in this large book. They’re not just filling in the colors on countries’ flags; they have a place to design their own flag. If their life’s dream is to be the ruler of the world - then naming their own country and designing its flag is a great place to start.

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created by robertson mcclure